Chris d'Lacey
Special Guest #16
~ Chris d'Lacey


Biographical Sketch

Chris d'Lacey was born in 1954 in Valetta, Malta. He writes:

We moved back to England when I was six weeks old. I spent the early part of my childhood on a council estate in Leicester (one of the happiest times of my life). My parents divorced when I was 10 and I spent the remainder of my youth in the Chorley-Bolton area of Lancashire.
I attended Turton County High School just outside Bolton, before going on to York University to take a Biology degree. I always think of the North as my 'spiritual home' and often describe myself to publishers as a "quaint Northern boy"; it seems to amuse them. Quite by coincidence, my wife, Jay, has been based in Leicester most of her life, which is what brought me back to the Midlands in the late seventies.
After University I had a succession of small and mindless jobs while I tried to decide if I was going to be a rock star or not (not, as it happened). Eventually, I married and took a technician's post at Leicester University. It was going to be one of those jobs you do until you find 'something better'; in February 1999 I will have been at it for twenty years!
I began writing children's fiction about five years ago. I stumbled into it when a friend said, "You like doing writing competitions, don't you? There's one in The Independent to write a story for kids." I went, "Pff! Kids? Who wants to write for them?" My friend said, "First prize is two grand." I said, "Pass me the paper!" The story I wrote was 'A Hole at the Pole'. It didn't come anywhere in the competition, but another friend suggested I send it to 'Banana Books' and the rest, as they say, is history...