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Anthony Browne
April 2010
Anthony Browne's wonderful riff on Goldilocks and the Three Bears has the dedication "For all underdogs". Goldilocks is no fairytale character in this version, but a modern little girl in hoodie living in a dull grey terrace. She goes out shopping with her mum. Their gloomy expressions speak of a desolate home atmosphere. Whilst her mother browses longingly in a butcher shop window - you get the impression she is too poor to buy the fresh meat on display - the girl goes chasing a stray balloon. All this takes place on the left-hand page of each spread. Meanwhile, on page right the bear family wake up and go for a stroll. They look like bears but dress and talk like ordinary people. "Daddy talked about his work and Mummy talked about her work. I just messed about," baby bear tells us.

After the girl has entered the bears' house, and they duly return, the tale follows its traditional course but Browne has created a version that will get children thinking and talking and reacting to the clever artistry.

Five achukachicks, of course!

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