Dani's Diary

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Narinder Dhami
Corgi Yearling
Jun 2007
Her mother�s marriage has wide repercussions for Dani who, against a changed familial context, begins to question her identity and position as an Anglo-Indian. Aware of the unfamiliar territory that now surrounds her granddaughter, Dani�s grandmother bestows upon her the gift of a diary that documents her migration from India to England in the 1960s. Written in Punjabi, this presents a challenge for Dani, who must utilise her second language to glean from her grandmother�s experiences and the friendship she forged with the maligned Milly whose mischief it transpires had quite another root�

Narinda Dhami has a definite ear for dialogue and a keenly astute eye for social interaction resulting in prose that is witty, wise and a genuine delight. Analogies between changes that have affected past and present generations and an ability to reach a resolve for past misdemeanours and misconceptions make for a thought-provoking and satisfying read.

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