Chewy, Gooey, Rumble, Plop!

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Steve Alton, ill. Nick Sharratt
Bodley Head
Oct 2007
Following the processes of digestion and excretion literally from beginning to end, �The Gooey Chewy, Rumble, Plop Book� is a cavalcade of consumption! Taking as its premise the ingestion of ice-cream � and sporting a highly tactile tongue that can be made to waggle in a most disconcerting manner � the book takes us on a voyage around our extraordinary bodies, highlighting key learning areas such as taste, superb stomach statistics, an amazing account of absorption, and a double-page plop-out that will have readers doubled up with laughter! The joy of this book is the meticulous detail that has been afforded to its production. Innovative paper-engineering together with carefully penned descriptions of the processes encountered as parts of digestion and excretion make this an active � and thereby memorable � learning experience. A victory for the voyage of discovery!

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