76 Pumpkin Lane

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Chris Mould
Sep 2007
One of the joys of reading is the paradox of its at once being so personalised and private and yet holding a base for shared experience and understanding. Few books exemplify this in such a multi-dimensional form as Chris Mould�s astounding new work, �76 Pumpkin Lane� which combines some of the most innovative paper engineering together with Mould�s signature brooding style of building and beings.

A short introductory text places the structure of �76 Pumpkin Lane� into context and provides a tantalising glimpse of the gory and grotesque inhabitants found therein. Character exposition is limited to a scant few details, but this is purposeful, allowing readers to act-out their own stories and scenarios using the figurines included within the setting that Mould has created. Each of ten rooms sport different accessories and accoutrements allowing for imaginative interaction and play. A victory for the delight of visceral fears made visual!

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