When We Lived in Uncle's Hat

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Peter Stam, ill Jutta Bauer
Wingedchariot Press
Nov 2006
Three generations experiment with coexistence in �When we lived in Uncle�s Hat�, together trying out life lived in numerous different locations. The first of these is the house with blue lights, where the sun was so hot the curtains had to be kept closed and the smell of lilac permeated from outside.

Moving through an increasingly outlandish range of abodes, the family spend time living in the forest, in Aunty�s violin and in Uncle�s hat. The real skill of this picture book is the way its characters are depicted with such minute detail through the situations in which they are encountered. There is no dialogue within the book and yet it is hard not to feel an intimate warmth and closeness to them, evidenced by Grandpa, whom when they live in the church yard feels sad every time that they bury somebody.

Exploring change and the means employed for acceptance, this is a reflective and contemplative book that succeeds in taking its readers �outside time� to experience and appreciate the ways our senses act as keys to unlock particular memories and the means via which the places we live in comes to be made home. Soulful pattern and resolve is reached by the end of the novel as �now our house has four corners. And out year has four seasons. We moved here four years ago��

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