Kill Swap

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James Lovegrove
Barrington Stoke
Jan 2007
�You shot a man at point-blank range. That took guts. Most people would have chickened out, but not you.�

Jack Jennings� father has debts that are crippling both him and his family. Driven by desperation towards loan shark, Tony Mullen, his father suffers an error of judgement when he gambles this borrowed money unsuccessfully.

Answer to the families financial problems seems to come through the door when a card for �Trouble Fix Ltd� is posted through the door. Jack takes the decision to contact the company, who inform him that his father�s debts and problems might be solved if Jack is able to take on the problems of another client by �killing their problem dead�, in return for which that client will reciprocate by eliminating Jack�s problem.

A lithe twist in the tale forces readers to reassess Jack�s actions, the measure of desperation he has felt and the moral rectitude of his choice as it becomes apparent that Jack has been a pawn in a much larger game. A chilling portrayal of behaviour driven by extremity.

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