Hard Luck

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Mary Arrigan
Barrington Stoke
Jan 2007
The brief note from the authors of Barrington Stoke books allows insight into the creative process, giving privileged access to the grist from which the story ideas were gleaned.

Mary Arrigan, author of �Hard Luck� describes the poignant memory of a school visit to the theatre and meeting a homeless boy outside prior to and following the performance� This becomes the base for �Hard Luck�.

Constant spats and feuding with his mother�s new partner, Bill means that tensions have risen high for Matthew at home. As the situation worsens, Matthew makes the decision to leave home and to take to the streets. A chance encounter with one of his teaches at the supermarket leads to his being given a blanket and it is this that forms the centre-point of the story.

Outside the protected environs of his home, Matthew suffers at the hands of bullies and thieves, but contrary to this, also experiences kindness and support from Gentleman Jeremy who befriends him. Resolution is eventually found as Matthew�s school teacher recognises not only the blanket she had given to Matthew but, in a surprise ending, also Gentleman Jeremy�s true identity which comes as something of a revelation!

Strong depictions of the emotional and physical space a home provides in formative years make this a notable gritty and contemporary tale.

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