The Story of the Wind Children

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Sibylle von Olfers
Floris Books
Sep 2006
Born in East Prussia in 1881, Sibylle von Olfers� highly adept naturalist style places her work firmly in the vein of Beatrix Potter, Kate Greenaway and Elsa Beskow. On publication of �The Story of the Root Children� in 1996, Floris Books in Edinburgh made this classic of European children�s literature available in the United Kingdom. It seems fitting that ten years following this they should reaffirm commitment to Olfers prestige in the children�s literature world through publication of �The Story of the Wind Children�.

The story opens as George endeavours to sail his boats amidst still conditions. Willow the wind child watches and cups her hands together blowing and setting the boats bobbing and racing along the stream. Keen to feel the wind on her face, Willow sets off on a sprightly sprint with George. Laughing and exhausted, the two of them arrive in an apple orchard whereupon Willow conjures a gust of wind causing the apples to tumble. These are collected by the mysterious Roeship children who give George some of the juiciest fruits. Further downwind the Leafchildren play, turning somersaults in the wind. Entranced by the sounds of two cloud horses, George and Willow ride these bareback across the sky leading George back home to his garden gate, a reference so familiar it leads readers to postulate whether the adventures have largely been of an imagination that transcends external constraints...

Autumn and nature are brilliantly personified in this beautifully detailed work.

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