The Story of Everything

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Neal Layton
Hodder Children's Books
Oct 2006
Neal Layton�s �The Story of Everything� is just that. This vibrant and dynamic pop-up book charts the history of the universe from the big bang through to the earth�s conception and the gestation of first life � underpinned by a brief explanation of Darwinism told through the inclusion of a miniature edition �Fish Fins and Fings�.

The dominance of dinosaurs and their eventual extinction is relayed as too is the evolution of mammals and more latterly, a double-page spread about apes including those with bigger brains!

Fans of Layton�s �Oscar and Arabella� series will be pleased to note that his penchant for the prehistoric include a self-referential mammoth during the ice-age. The development of homes and habitations is depicted and this section is concluded through realisation of the importance of recorded information and discovery in books. The book ends pondering the next phase of the story asserting that readers will have to �wait and see� conversationally adding through a pull-tab that it might take a million years or so�

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