Pick Me Up

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David Roberts and Jeremy Leslie
Dorling Kindersley
Oct 2006
�Pick Me Up� was the showcase new publication by Dorling Kindersley, offering a new means for cataloguing the information of the traditional children�s reference encyclopaedia that draws upon the tangential sensibilities of web-browsing. This makes it possible to follow interest areas from Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948), through to colonisation, to World War Two, arriving at the prehistoric via a journey of oil! Linkage between knowledge area and these �learning trails� make for a particularly impressive journey of discovery.

As with any reference work whose knowledge-base and scope is so wide, �Pick Me Up� deals, for the most part, with its topics quite cursorily as such the book provides a useful �backbone� to reference collections and a springboard from which it is possible to garner that all-too-rare and real context and understanding to given topics and to leap-frog into more in depth publications and websites as the desire takes.

As with a standard encyclopaedia, the work is structured under disciplinary subject areas � �Science, technology and space�, �Society, places and beliefs�, �History�, �The natural world�, �People who made the world�, �Arts, entertainment and media�, �You and your body� and �Planet Earth�. This gives options for more standard usage by readers alongside those who wish to meander along �learning trails�.

The highly illustrated, magazine-style content, makes the book both easy on the eye and quick to engage with and from which to assimilate knowledge. A wide-reaching and thoughtfully structured development to the often seemingly static reference genre, a picture perhaps of the future?

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