P is for Pakistan

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Shazia Razzak
Frances Lincoln
Jan 2007
Continuing their series of alphabetical introductions to countries and cultures other than our own, �P is for Pakistan� is Frances Lincoln�s A � Asslam-U-Alaikum (hello) to Z Zeewar (jewellery) of the country founded in 1947.

The book�s combination of photographic representation and verbal description provides a vivid, memorable and entirely unprentious tour of the architecture, culture, heritage, religion and geographical landscape of the country.

Insight into food, housing, music, clothing, the Indus Civilisation and the flora and fauna of Pakistan is all provided within this invaluable first introduction to the country. A welcome means for dispelling some of the racist assumptions and stereotypes that the guise of 'terrorism' or parts of the media's interpretation thereof have given increasing rise towards...

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