Dirty Bertie: Worms

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Alan MacDonald, Ill. David Roberts
Sep 2006
It is easy to see why the mischievous child has a lengthy tradition in children�s literature. What an ideal vehicle with which to exercise struggled liberation from the constraints childhood often is culturally hemmed within and to implicitly present didactic ethics and morals.

High-jinx and japes can be traced from Mrs Sherwood�s �The History of the Fairchild Family� down through Nesbit�s well-intentioned though oft-misguided Bastable children, Blyton�s �Naughtiest Girl�, Crompton�s �William�, Dorothy Edward�s �Naughty little sister� and the recently televised �Horrid Henry�. This tradition is continued with �Dirty Bertie�.

�Dirty Bertie: Worms� is the first in a series of young fiction titles � �Stripes� � published by Little Tiger Press. Indeed, �Dirty Bertie� himself will be familiar to readers through his appearance in two picture books �Dirty Bertie� and �Pooh! Is that you, Bertie?�. In this young fiction book, three tales are presented, �Worms�, �Manners� and �Rubbish�. The highlight of these is definitely �Worms�, wherein Bertie makes a highly unusual fancy-dress appearance at next-door-neighbour Angela�s pink party. In typical irreverent Bertie style, our hero finds if he can�t wriggle out of the party, the best thing is to wriggle into it�

More endearing than a certain child-terror, Henry, these tales feel to be more led by character than by mischievous deeds alone. It is hard not to feel endeared to Bertie who, once more, is brilliantly realised in full-fiendish detail by the talented David Roberts. Fans should also look out for �Dirty Bertie: Fleas� also now available in Little Tiger Press� distinctive new fiction label.

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