Actual Size

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Steve Jenkins
Frances Lincoln
Dec 2006
The natural world, its size and scale, can be a difficult thing to accurately convey in a book until� �Actual Size�. Measuring a scant 26cm by 31cm, it is an amazing thought that this book illustrates nineteen creatures ranging from the lilluputian dwarf goby � measuring in at a diminutive 9mm � to the gargantuan giant squid which, together with its tentacles, has measured in at a phenomenal 18 metres.

The confined space of a large hardback picture book is hardly conducive for accommodating the sheer scale of many of the beasts included here and Steve Jenkins has adopted the novel approach of depicting to scale parts of the featured creatures, illustrating the eye of a giant squid, the head of an Alaskan brown bear, the egg of an ostrich etc.

The book is appended with information on each of the featured animals providing location, food preference and other areas of interest. An impressive and innovative approach to introducing some of the world�s many inhabitants.

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