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Kate Petty
Frances Lincoln
Sep 2006
Although cultural constructions of the child vary and � at times - collide, where the �Around the World� series succeeds is in laying out the shared common ground that unites these constructions, regardless of geographical location, of background economic vitality etc.

�Playtime� explores the forms and means that play takes for different children around the world. Cidinha and friends in Brazil play tug-of�war, Sasha in Russia plays in a hidey-hole carved out of the snow, Timo in Mali plays with toy boats, Shakeel in India plays football, Giorgi in Azerbaijan races go-karts, Gianni in Albania has made a toy helicopter, families in Sudan play with animals modelled from clay Linh in Vietnam plays have made catapults from elastic bands and much more�

The series breaks down barriers of understanding and unfamiliarity by outlining areas of commonality and shared experience. Each double-page spread features a bold photograph of the children playing, a brief explanation of who they are, whereabouts in the world they are based and the times of games and toys they play with. Children themselves are given the opportunity to further elucidate through means of speech bubbles. The close of the book features a map of the world with each place featured clearly indicated through the use of a miniature photograph.

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