A Boy Wants a Dinosaur

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Hiawyn Oram, ill. Satoshi Kitamura
Andersen Press
Sep 2006
The eagerness to care, look after and show warmth towards a creature, to find companionship and closeness, together with the fascination for dinosaurs, forms the basis of one of Hiawyn Oram and Satoshi Kitamura�s justly acclaimed collaborations. �A boy wants a dinosaur� is re-issued again this year by Andersen Press.

Ben has a dog, Alice has two snails, but poor Alex is desperate for a dinosaur, showing compassion his grandfather states �A boy wants a dinosaur this much, a boy should have a dinosaur�. So it is that the pair take a trip to the gargantuan glass �dino-store� � a veritable haven for those who desire a dinosaur!

After much agonising over species selection, Alex chooses a Massospondylus, a dinosaur that eats everything. Alex calls her Fred. Fred requires ample food, ample sleep, ample water for her bath and ample walks� shortly after gaining perspective into the cumbersome practicalities of having a dinosaur as a pet, Alex awakes, finding he had only dreamt of having a dinosaur, together with grandfather he decides a rabbit would make a far better suited pet!

Indulgent text and lavishly good humoured illustrations combine to make this a richly imaginative and fiendishly funny story with a considerate caution about the responsibility a pet entails.

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