Young Dracula and Young Monsters

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Michael Lawrence
Barrington Stoke
Sep 2006
A compendium volume of Michael Lawrence�s two books for Barrington Stoke; �Young Dracula� and �Young Monsters� the former of which was shot into the public consciousness as the inspiration for the series featured on Children�s BBC.

�Young Dracula� focuses on Wilfrid, son and heir to the infamous count himself. The story follows a �Prince and the Pauper� styled mishap drawing question to the importance of child-rearing and nurture against genetic inheritance in a book that extends the Vampiric legends of Transylvania.

Expanding the above ideas of child-rearing and nurture to include formal education, �Young Monsters� sees Lon packed off by his father to Dr Ffelix Ffurter�s School for Young Monsters. Lon�s unease about the institution is increased initially by the head, who quite literally is a disembodied head, and once again by the attempted application of a bolt through his neck! After successfully preventing this, Lon is befriended by another boltless pupil, Omar, together the two of them struggle to escape the notice of the pupils and teachers at Dr Ffelix Ffurter�s but for how long will they succeed and what other surprises lie in store when the school Spectre visits�?!

Characters and situations are depicted in dastardly detail by Chris Mould whose art always revels in the revolting with assured resplendence! Collaboration between Lawrence's anarchic stories and Mould's subversive illustrations guarantees readers fiendish fun!

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