The Yuk Factor

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Tracey Turner
Hodder Children's Books
Sep 2006
A little knowledge can sometimes go a long way�! Have you ever wondered how many decibels the loudest burp on record registered? Are you eager to learn which animal urinates down its legs to keep cool? Could you stand to learn about the horrible habits of the frigate birds?

If you want to avoid the perils of luncheoning on head-cheese, ensure you�re not subject to the vomit-inducing Scottish cure for worms or circumvent a trip on a �violet cart� �The Yuk Factor� is essential reading.

Impress your friends with your wide, varied and frankly disgusting diction with key terms such as entomophagy, micturation and oncychophagia. With four hundred questions covering all you could ever hope to know � and a great deal you really would rather not � about the gruesome, the grim, the grotesque and the grisly, �The Yuk Factor� is guaranteed to inject bilious brilliance to any quiz. Though indigestible, this informative book will make an indelible mark upon mind and memory... Doubtless most would be diabolically delighted to find it lurking at the bottom of their Christmas stockings!

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