The Three Legged Mummy

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Vivan French
Barrington Stoke
Sept 2006
High-jinx immediately ensues in this story of Ancient Egypt. Attempting to evade a dare challenged to him by best friend, Bebi, Kenefer pours a horribly gelatinous medicinal compound from the roof, unfortunately saturating Nefret with said potion in so doing�

As an act of vengeance, Nefret herself sets the boys a dare, to visit the place of purification to go to Seneb�s tent and to bring back a charm of the dead. Whilst so doing, Kenefer comes across what appears to be a three legged mummy and is caught by Seneb, the austere embalmer� Through a surprising and enlightening twist, Kenefer is able to make Seneb laugh and therefore is able to attain the charm of the dead he sough.

An addition to Barrington Stoke�s �FYI� series, �The Three Legged Mummy� provides insight and understanding about the culture, and sociology of Ancient Egypt. An invaluable aid to all with an interest in Ancient Egypt, particularly those studying the subject under the Key Stage Two National Curriculum.

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