Story Cat

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Julia Jarman
Educational Printing Services Ltd
Sep 2006
Arthur the canine author is candid as to where his strengths and weaknesses as a writer lie. He has the ability to come up with beginnings but is unsure as to how best to develop these adequately in crafting a story to suspend the disbelief and make dance, the imagination of readers.

Arthur�s malaise is aided at midnight by the appearance of Story Cat, an intrepid feline with a feel for what works best in books and in stories. Conversation between Story Cat and Arthur outline the key factors in crafting a story; the plot, settings, suspense, characterisation whilst simultaneously applying these to the meta-narrative of Arthur�s own story.

This book is a powerful force against the paralysis blank pages can induce upon creativity. The story brilliantly architects the creative process that Julia Jarman here makes available to young readers and potential young writers... In all senses, an empowering book.

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