Star Dancer

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Beth Webb
Sep 2006
�I will find a way to take the power I deserve, he thought. Even if it means I have to work in the dark.�
Ancient magic, mysticism and darkness run rife through Beth Webb�s debut novel, the first in a quartet, �Star Dancer�. An evil is coming and it has been prophesised that a Star Dancer will protect the people. The Star Dancer is to be born beneath the stars and Druids are awaiting the fulfilment of the prophecy, praying to the spirits and the Goddess.

Tegen, child of Clesek and Nessa, is born beneath the stars, brought into this world by Gilda, but the possibility of her being the Star Dancer is rejected by and is abhorrent to Witton, chief druid, and his followers who cannot except the role who might be executed to a woman. Preferring to believe themselves to have been forgotten and left without salvation rather than to accept the truth, fear and apprehension predominate within their society.

On discovery of her ability to dance, Tegen begins to realise and to practice her powers. So it is that when Witton falls ill and his death seems inevitable, Tegen is able to nurse him back to health.

The sonorous nature of Webb�s prose together with the complex and convoluted relationships she intertwines between persons in the novel makes for an at once rewarding and absorbing read. Skilful craftsmanship imbues the natural with an energising electro-static charge� here is a book with a genuine buzz!

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