Miss Fox

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Simon Puttock, ill. Holly Swain
Frances Lincoln Publishers
Sep 2006
Niceville is a safe haven, an idyll of neat gardens, tree lined-roads and quiet streets� that is, until Miss Fox, substitute teacher strolls into the comfortable complacency surrounding the conurbation . Miss Fox, carries the weight of self-recommendation, her easy-going approach to education � treats, eats and lazy sleeps � ensures instant popularity from all of her class bar the cross, annoying and nimble Lily Lamb.

Events reach a head when Miss Fox leads the class on an expedition to a high cliff-top, whipping a napkin from her handbag she asks who wants to be eaten first. Unexercised, tired and with tardy minds the class are oblivious to the gravity of their situation and giggle Assertive as ever, Lily Lamb offers herself up, mindful of the fact she will be no sacrificial lamb to the slaughter led� Drawing on resources of cunning, guile (and a good hearty shove!), Lily is able to escape the peril of Miss Fox.

This deliciously dark tale, illustrated throughout with a warmth and good humour by Holly Swain, has a serious warning at its heart, it cautions against those we entrust with the education and welfare of our children. A more disturbing and brooding interpretation is possible when the desires of those who are entreated with the safety and well-being of children are recounted as dangerously as here�

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