Nemesis: Into the Shadows

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Catherine MacPhail
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Sep 2006
�I could recognise the places on these walls: a map of the British Isles, another of the Middle East, the countours of Australia. How could I remember that? Had I travelled to these places? Where had I learned about them? But nothing came. No matter how hard I concentrated, nothing came. Not even the sliver of a memory.�

Urban, gritty and urgent in pace and tension, Catherine MacPhail�s first novel in her new �Nemesis� series, �Into the Shadows� asks as many questions as it answers, it cranks up levels of uncertainty, danger and desperation cleverly interspering the power that knowledge brings with the powerlessness that accompanies ignorance in whichever of its many forms...

Discovered in a lift with the victim of a murderous assault, things look bleak for Ram, who is unsure as to his identity, his past and, what with his current predicament of what his future might hold� Unsure what to believe about himself, Ram becomes wanted as a suspect in the murder investigation, with a man purporting to be his father attempting to make contact and the murder victim�s true killers planning a deadly assassination attempt against him, the chase is on and the clock is ticking.

The net tightens around Ram in a manner that is excrutiatingly exciting. Much of the action takes place at nights upon the streets of Glasgow. This places bold, brilliant adventures against a black backdrop that makes a stunning visual impact upon the imagination. Heart-thumpingly paced adventure strands are skilfully interwoven with the tectonics of shifting self perception and self identity.

Catherine MacPhail has crafted that rare thing, a gripping and urgent thriller with staggering depth, motivation and characterisation. Many questions are left wholly or else part unanswered in readiness for the second novel in the �Nemesis� series, which will be eagerly awaited�

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