Measle and the Slitherghoul

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Ian Ogilvy, ill. Chris Mould
Oxford University Press
Sep 2006
�It was a mass of shiny, brownish-yellowish-greenish substance,a bout the size of a coffee table. It was quivering slightly, like jelly on a palte � and it was moving slowly towards him.�

A sneeze, and the substance thereof, starts the fourth story featuring the hapless Measle Stubbs. The bones of this story are set some eight-hundred years ago when a precocious young wizard, Sheepshank, whilst endeavouring to bring a dead spider back to life, sneezed, and inadvertently created a ravenous monster from his mucous.

Having been safely secured in the dungeons of the Wizards� Guild building, the creature makes an unfortunate bid for freedom and sets off on a sticky rampage. Hungry for humans, and having devoured most of Measle's entourage of enemies and assimilated their desires and aspirations, most especiall for Measle, will our hero escape the beast's gluttonous clutches?

Measle's fourth outing is a characteristically, disgustingly addictive adventure told with pace and panache by Ian Ogilvy. As ever a more perfect choice of illustrator than Chris Mould could not be found for this series, his sublimely subversive illustrations breathe life, atmopshere and infinite expression to the array of situations and character studies.

The return of old adversaries and accomplices makes this a tour-de-force for those infected by Measle!

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