Little Red Train Race to the Finish

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Benedict Blathwayt
Oct 2006
Benedict Blathwayt�s popular Little Red Train returns under full steam in this latest adventure which pits the loveable locomotive against one of the new Swish Trains. Elements of the story mirror Aesop�s fable of the Hare and the Tortoise won here by a determined, hard-working engine. Character and personality are juxtaposed with the bigger, the better, the faster and the now, now, now of change and technological progress.

Boundaries are established, yet at once are constantly being transgressed in Blathwayt�s incomparable illustrations. This allows a world of possibilities to be presented. Natural and human influences exerted upon the landscape Blathwayt portrays are shown as being at once in flux and in symbiotic harmony. Industrial and urban landscapes rocket into the rural and motifs make repeated self-reference to Blathwayt�s earlier works�.

Fans and followers will discern and unravel from the panoramic pictures echoes of the blue tractor, of Tig and Tag, of Kip, Bella, Pebble and Bramble all of which combine with symphonic magnitude to a most beautifully orchestrated, highly inspiring visual masterpiece that through careful perusal cannot fail to inspire a love of life, to engender a liking for lighting and that together instil a lasting sense of liberation.

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