Dust 'n' Bones

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Chris Mould
Oct 2006
�In the daylight I was happy, but darkness seemed to pull a sinister cloak around my room and the uneasy feeling I had had in the beginning would not let go of me.�

Told in a frame-setting reminiscent of Chaucer�s �The Book of the Tales of Caunterbury�, the reader assumes the role of a stranger, lost amidst travels, aided by a black-clad figure who will tell tales to pass time along the voyage...

A decalog of ten deadly, dark ghost stories, in this volume Chris Mould has collected and retold ready for modern audiences, five tales of haunted happenings including Washington Irving�s �The Legend of Sleep Hollow� and Edgar Allan Poe�s �The Tell-Tale Heart�, interspersed between these stories, readers are, at last, treated to five of Chris� own chilling tales. Proving himself adeptly equal to the challenge of the chilling, readers find themselves gripped in the hands of suspense and uncertainty, unsure whether its vice-like clamp will be released or whether it will close in, ever tighter, until we are crushed to the constituents of dust and bones�

Exceptionally high production values, an astounding level of attention to detail and a beautiful lovingly packaged gift box including ghastly stickers and a gruesome skeleton to hang, make this a spook-tacularly special gift set to give to ghouls and boys aike...

Chris Mould extends the influence of his self-branded �consumer friendly, politically correct, grotesque� and of things that fester and are feared in this marvellous anthology by the master of the macabre. A perfect book to read during long, cold, dark evenings�

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