Cracking Up!

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Sandra Glover
Educational Printing Services Ltd
Apr 2006
�Fantastic! Wonderful! Wasn�t that just my luck? They�d finally got a lollipop lady and she�d turned out to be a member of the raving loony society!�

Anxious about his mother who is hospitalised awaiting the birth of a new baby, Jamie suffers at the hand new teacher, Mr Barron�s, caustic humour. However, following an dispiriting day in the classroom, Merry (Meredith in full) Christmas appears in the guise of a lollipop lady purporting to help Jamie cross the road whilst at once claiming to be a fairy godmother.

Reluctantly and abashedly, Jamie makes wishes, but Merry becomes the victim of a road-traffic accident when saving Jamie from a similar fate. Unsure what to think or to believe, Jamie confides in best friend Taz, and together the two track down Merry Christmas who now claims to be an alien.

One particularly satisfying episode suggests Meredith has transformed Mr Barron who�s crushing comments have made his pupils feel like worms, into one of the self-same lowly nematodes! Once again Sandra Glover astutely keeps readers guessing, actively engaging them in issues of trust and belief.

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