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David Belbin
Barrington Stoke
Jun 2006
�You mean Stacey? You don�t forget a face like hers. She could have been a model if she�d played her cards right. But Stacey was a mess. She always chose the wrong guys.�

The lack of parental control, discipline and most importantly care in Stacey�s life coerces her into the ever-tightening enclaves of Simone�s gang. Amidst her quest for acceptance, Stacey is assimilated into systems of ethics distinct from her own, a choice that leads her, albeit unwittingly, to diminish her life-chances.

Increasingly unable to play to her own strengths, Stacey�s behaviour becomes ever more extreme, documented in the first-person and with strength of emotion and moral resolve by Kev, who is seduced by Stacey�s physical appearance.

Lacking in similar resolve, Stacey who already has an ASBO is fed drugs by her boyfriend whose combined intimidation together with the peer pressure of Simone�s gang sees Stacey spiral from stealing cans of lagers to taking part in a large scale jewellery theft. This is a well executed cautionary tale told through explorations of the types of people we can all too easily become when circumstances and our circle of friends conspire against us.

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