The Ghost of My Pussycat's Bottom

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Mike Jubb
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Jul 2006
�The Ghost of my Pussycat�s Bottom� is a wide-ranging collection of poetry written by Mike Jubb. Material traverses the irreverent such as the eponymous poem �The Ghost of my Pusscat�s Bottom�, the stately and elegant such as �Midnight Meeting� which takes its inspiration from Edward Lear�s �The Owl and the Pussycat� and the deceptively simply with almost ethereal beauty including �The Emperor and the Nightingale�, told in the form of three linked haiku to form a rensaku.

There are poems here to meet every moment and every mood. Poems are collected under seven beastly headings and range from the miscroscopic � �Said an Angry Amoeba called Anne� � to the gargantuan with �What is a dragon like?�.

Mike Jubb provides notes on a number of the poems, some of which unfairly self-abase the work and thought that belies the crafting of this collection. Points of reference aplenty and a practical written style makes these ideal support for teaching of poetry in the classroom and a perfect springboard to explore other referenced works. All of the notes, however, achieve accomplishment whilst sharing the unpretentious overview they provide of different poetic forms and techniques, areas from which to draw ideas, and ultimately these serve to inspire and enrich an imaginative repertoire that creates a strong and empowering urge to have a go oneself, go on�!

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