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Ken Akamatsu
Aug 2006
Ken Akamatsu will be most familiar for his best-selling �Love Hina� series which won its author the prestigious Manga of the Year title. In this new story-strand, he introduces readers to Negi Springfield, a ten year old wizard who aspires to become a Magister Magi, one of a special class of wizards who use their power to aid others.

Underlying the desire to become a Magister Magi, is Negi�s wish to find his father Nagi Springfield, a once legendary mage who most now believe to have died. On leaving his school of magic, bizarrely Negi is given an alias as a professor teaching English to a class of girls, all of whom are older than himself, in Japan.

Negi comes across as a likeable, although extremely youthful, individual who is both sensitive and hardworking. His age and relative inexperience enable Akamatsu to parody and satirise a number of conventions in the graphic novel form creating a fiction that looks inward upon its genre challenging a number of its clich�s and parameters.

Negi�s class respond to him more as a younger brother to be patronised rather than as a teacher and an antagonism erupts between him and one of the students, Asuna who had a crush for the teacher whom Negi replaced. The story as Negi continues to battle to fulfil his dream of becoming a Magister Magi follows in further volumes.

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