Meerkat Mail

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Emily Gravett
Aug 2006
Having just won the Carnegie medal for her debut picture-book �Wolves�, Emily Gravett makes a welcome return with �Meerkat Mail� a story of the meerkat, Sunny, who sometimes finds togetherness with his family a little too close for comfort�

Living in the Kalahari Desert with his large family makes Sunny long for a place of his own. So it is he packs his case, leaves a note of explanation for his family � replicated in photographic form within the book � and sets off to find a new home.

Sunny�s travels lead him to his Uncle Bob�s, to stay with cousins Scratch and Mitch , to cousin Edward and to numerous other family members. Lift-the-flap postcards presented �as-written-by-Sunny� provide additional �colour� to the story giving an intimate account of Sunny�s adventures. Gravett�s observations of Meerkat behaviour is exceptional and creates a vibrant contrast with the detailed simulated facsimiles postcards from Sunny. This is a sophisticated and clever picture-book that benefits from multiple, close readings, that does not patronise its reader and that successfully widens both field and audience for the picture-book, admirable achievements worthy of celebration.

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