Little Genius: Brains

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Kate Lennard
Hutchinson Children's Books
Aug 2006
A pint-size professor, Little Genius, acts as a tour-guide on this whistle-stop tour through the anatomy, functions and health of the brain. This guided approach by a peer creates a feeling of informality and of direct involvement by children in the learning process.

The brain, its substance, size, form and location in the human body are introduced. Basic technical language is used, such as �skull� and �brain-stem� with clear illustrations and associations � the brain stem is compared with a flower stem � to aid both comprehension and memorisation.

Awareness of the basic control function of the brain is provided through lift-the-flap paper engineering depicting the right hand side of the body and the left half of the brain revealing the left half controls the right side of the body, turning the flap indicates the reverse.

The more specific functions and tasks that different sectors of the brain are responsible for are emphasised through the use of a colour-segregated �brain map� and a series of vignette illustrations depicting Little Genius in the process of carrying out various tasks against the backdrop of the colour corresponding to the respective part of the brain responsible for its handling.

Brain sizes in different creatures and in different stages of human development are outlined, as too is the brain�s need for blood, oxygen, rest and stimulation. Though Little Genius might be a small protagonist, he introduces big ideas, content here is pleasingly cerebral both in matter and in method.

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