Little Genius: Bones

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Kate Lennard
Hutchinson Children's Books
Aug 2006
Continuing his explorations into the human physiology, Little Genius, the pint-sized professor here introduces readers to bones. Functions of the bones in providing protection and structure for the body are clearly explained with whimsical analogies � without the skull, the brain �would slosh about inside your head like a poached egg in a plastic bag - that allow for ease of comprehension. Cross-over with the book on brains is provided in the section on the skull.

Basic specialised language is introduced and explained such as �nerves�, �ligaments� and �bone marrow�. Lift-the-flap �bone map� forms the basis for a fun quiz where readers are challenged to find the �skull�, �finger bones� and other parts of the human skeleton.

Other creatures with skeleton are detailed as well as those without skeletons � sharks and jellyfish � and those with exoskeletons. Foods needed for healthy bone growth and things to avoid that damage bones are also detailed. A great little book to help children begin to bone up on the skeleton and that ties in with curriculum learning.

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