Johnny Delgado: Like Father, Like Son

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Kevin Brooks
Barrington Stokes
Jul 2006
�You can�t fight against men like Jack Taylor. They never lose. I tried telling your dad that, but he wouldn�t listen. And look what happened to him. I didn�t want anything to happen to you.�

The subject of a vicious murder instigated by the command of Jack Taylor, the death of Johnny Delgado�s father has left questions for which Johnny is determined, regardless of personal cost, to uncover answers�

Investigations are driven by Johnny's tense, nervous energy, carried out against an increasingly tumultuous backdrop of gangland violence and war-fare that is instigated by Taylor himself, who presides over the estates as gangland baron. The revelations Johnny makes lead him directly to Taylor and so threaten to endanger his sphere of family and of friends.

The novel concludes with a highly dramatic, classic and beautifully realised show-down on the top of the block of flats where Johnny and his mother live. The covering of snow adds depth and atmosphere to this gripping finale which is reminiscent of Joyce�s �The Dead� in its frost-atrophied ending.

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