Tashi and the Forbidden Room

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Anna and Barbara Fienberg ill. Kim Gamble
Allen and Unwin Children's Books
May 2006
�Now let�s look at this marvellous world of ours and think where we would most like to explore.�

The twelfth book in the series about Tashi, �Tashi and the Forbidden Room� sees the hero regale his audience, within which readers become cleverly included, with two further tales from his time back in the village�

The first of these adventures is a rip-roaring, rollicking, re-telling of the legend of Bluebeard with Tashi firmly at the centre as the hero. Tashi confides in his best friend Jack that Bluebeard has been the most terrifying villain he has ever faced.

The second story �The Three Tasks� re-introduces a familiar adversary, the Baron. The Baron�s peacock has gone missing and Pongo his dog is, alas, found with incriminating feathers around him and a mouth soaked in blood. The Baron threatens him with death, but allows opportunity for reprieve provided that Tashi is able to complete three tasks.

Firstly the Baron expects to hear Tashi but not to see him. Secondly Pongo must no longer bleed and his cuts must be healed. Finally, the peacock must be back in the garden alive.

Anna and Barbara Fienberg really bring stories to life in this series of novels that are perfect as introductions to reading and to the backdrop of mythic and legendary tales. Kim Gamble�s illustrations give an other-worldy aspect to the books making for beautifully packaged collections of stories that introduce new readers to the magic, wonder and endless possibilities of story-telling and reading.

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