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Cathy Cassidy
Puffin Books
Jun 2006
�She�s the one with the choices, she�s the one calling the shots. I just get pushed around from place to place, like a bit of unwanted luggage.�

After the acrimonious separation of her mother and father, the eponymous Scarlett inherits the wrath and hurt her mother feels. She thereby disassociates herself from her father. This manifests itself in acts of rebellion and anger quite singular for a twelve-year-old child.

At the end of her tether, Scarlett�s mother, who after leaving her husband has become a high-flying professional, makes the decision that as a last, �last chance� her daughter would be best placed with her father, his new partner and child. Furious that her own views and voice with regards to her future have been so much marginalised Scarlett treads a familiar path of self-destruction. However, meeting Kian a mysterious boy with a horse, allows Scarlett opportunity to reflect upon some of the hurt and pain in her life, which become the first steps in the long-walk toward healing.

There are many writers whose novels burst at the seams with their glut of grievances and ungracious depictions of the children they concern. Few writers explore �problems� and �issues�, with the grace, warmth and sincerity with which Cathy Cassidy�s do. Her writing shows an awareness that it is subtlety of style and it is the small unobtrubsive details that makes for profundity and lasting imprints upon mind and memory of readers�

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