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Pat Moon ill. Sarah Naylor
Orchard Books
Jun 2006
The amorphous, ponderous style of Finch�s narration and its informal typography belie what is at heart a sophisticated instalment in the self-chronicled life of Finch Penny. As with the previous two novels in the series, �Do not read this book� and �Do not read any further�, the novel is written in diary form with zany, child-like illustrations provided by Sarah Nayler.

With interspersed diversions in the form of sleepover parties, friendships and amorous intentions with her boyfriend Jay, the novel for the most part centres around Finch�s quest to find her father.

Finch�s irreverent style of writing and her vivacious take on life make it difficult not to be swept along by the narrative of this enjoyable novel. Great care with typography, design and illustration of the book help to lend an authentic air to the novel as a twelve-year-old�s diary. Orchard Books have placed the rights page at the end of the novel in order that it constitutes less of an intrusion to readers.

A cliff-hanger ending whereby Finch meets her father and his family but does not entirely see eye-to-eye with them leaves open a great chunk of her life-to-come a factor which might well influence any proposed fourth instalment to the series�?!

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