The Toxic Toadburger Conspiracy

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Ian Hills
Wizard Books
Aug 2005
The ACHUKA Big Burger Bonanza

Former food marketer Ian Hills� debut novel, �The Toxic Toadburger Conspiracy� opens dramatically with 14-year-old protagonist Eddy Tumble choking to death on a roast potato. This book is a frenetic blend of fantasy and realism. Following an at once unfortunate and unceremonious demise amidst grey bread sauce, Eddy Tumble is resurrected by alien Interferons who supply him with a super-powered stomach. His quest is then to assuage the megalomaniacal Marcellus Guzzle�s, president of Gut Bucket Holdings, plans for world domination.

Gut Bucket are purveyors of the triple-tiered-toadburger (served with tadpole relish), a culinary concoction laced with rabbit juice an ingredient whose powers prove hypnotic against children.

This book is a curious mix of gut-wrenching and nausea-inducing horror and the horrific, of humour, fast-paced action and insightful social comment and expose about the fast-food industries that have developed around us. There is much here to entertain yet also much to think about.

If social pressure is to be exerted in order that the ethics and morals of multi-national fast-food outlets are to be developed more responsibly, fiction forms an ideological club through which knowledge and awareness can be disseminated effectively to young people. A sequel �Revenge of the Refuse Rats� will follow and further details on the book, its inspiration and author can be found at

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A forthcoming non-fiction book which has sections of preservatives and colourings is "It's True! You Eat Poison Every Day" written by Peter Macinnis and published by Allen and Unwin. This is a fascinating and highly readable little book explaining about the poisons we encounter in everday life...

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