The Secret of the Sacred Temple: Cambodia

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Elizabeth Singer Hunt, Ill. Brian Williamson
Red Fox
May 2006
The Jack Stalwart series, written by Elizabeth Singer Hunt and originally self-published, is a collection of fast paced page-turners for a generation grown up on gadgetry and gizmos. At the heart of the series�s premise is Jack Stalwart, a secret agent with the Global Protection Force, an organisation to which his brother, Max, belonged prior to his mysterious disappearance whilst on duty. Ever the dutiful brother, Jack embarks upon many-a-mission ever hopeful that the next will bring him closer to learning the whereabouts of Max.

The latest sees him travel to Cambodia where his contact one Kate Newington�s mother, chief archaeologist at the Temple of Angkor Wat, has been kidnapped by criminals who seek the map of the Central Well which conceals the sacred treasure of the god-king, a priceless source of power to its possessor. Will Jack be equal to this latest challenge that faces him?

With Anthony Horowitz�s first Alex Rider film, �Stormbreaker� due for general release this summer and the public library network�s theme �The Reading Mission for this year�s summer reading challenge this series is the �must read� of the summer. The books�s travel-based themes also make the ideal for holiday reading.

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