The Penderwicks

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Jeanne Birdsall
David Fickling Books
Apr 2006
�parents almost always want what�s best for their children. They just don�t always know what that is.�

Strong of mind, sometimes of body and certainly in determination are the Penderwick sisters � a children�s literature dream-team comprising of four children and, of course, the obligatory dog. Rosalind is the eldest, next in line is Skye, following by Jane and the youngest Batty, not forgetting Hound (who, perhaps needless to say, is the dog).

Elements of this timeless feeling novel will doubtless feel familiar to keen readers in the field of children�s books. The children�s eagerness to help and to suffer mishap and misadventure along the way is highly reminiscent of Edith Nesbit�s Bastable family; middle daughter Jane�s writing ambition and the sisterly bonds between the girls bring to mind Louisa May Alcott�s March family, Arundel�s gardens a place for exploration, growth and healthy development bring to mind the grounds of Frances Hodgson Burnett�s Misselthwaite Manor and the novel�s decidedly child-centric story is undoubtedly Blyton-esque!

It is strength of character that makes �The Penderwicks� exceptional. Mrs Tifton becomes a genuinely formidable and fearsome arch-rival just as her son, Jeffrey, becomes a true friend and somebody whom the girls seek to rescue from the grasp of his over-bearing mother. �The Penderwicks� boasts the familiarity of finding oneself amidst old-friends and has the feel of a classic.

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