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Cat Weatherill
Puffin Books
Apr 2006
�Snowbone was outraged. �Why is slavery allowed?� she stormed. �Why has no one done anything to stop it? Doesn�t anyone care?��

Cat Weatherill�s language leaps lithe and lively with the flared flair of a fire-cracker. Like its predecessor �Barkbelly� had before it, �Snowbone� focuses on the world of the Ashenpeakers, a wooden people hatched in fire from eggs.

Like the vestigial veins of snow that cling upon the earth, Snowbone is strong and determined with beliefs at heart that are not easily melted or made to vanish. The world she is born into is one of bias and prejudice where her people serve as stock in the slave trade.

With a greed fuelled by elixir-like tree-sap, as well as imposing servitude upon their waking days, the slavers also desecrate the sacred groves of trees, the entities all Ashenpeakers are destined to become once they move on. With a keen sense of morality and a crew of friends to aid her, Snowbone sets out on a quest to bring about an end to the trade.

Snowbone charst further still the richly imaginative world that was created in the first novel. Although Barkbelly himself makes a cameo appearance, this is very much a story that stands alone. Cat�s written style is fast-paced and lively showing a deft awareness of the story and intrigue that lies behind every situation and each scenario. It is a fast-paced adventure with a profound message about the nature of freedom and liberty.

Like its predecessor before it, �Snowbone� has all the feel of a true classic.

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