Puberty Boy

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Geoff Price
Allen & Unwin
May 2006
It�s a difficult to write engagingly about the subject of adolescence, growing up and the changes that affect the mind and body through puberty. Geoff Price, himself a councillor, mediator and facilitator at a private practice in Sydney, has done an admirable job with �Puberty Boy�, though nevertheless this is still unlikely to be the sort of book that is fervently read cover-to-cover. Rather it is the sort of book that concerned parents might purchase in good faith for their sons who illicitly dip into chapters as and when that need arises.

A glossary and list of resources make this a particularly practical book � a number of the resources listed are Australia-biaised, this presents few problems for the web-based resources, however, for land-based centres hefty travel costs are likely to be incurred!

Testimony from a number of real life people and detailed yet sensitively written descriptions and explanations of the various stages of puberty and the feelings and anxieties these might elicit, help to normalise situations that can often feel isolating. �Puberty Boy� has exceptionally high production values - it could almost be a coffee table book! � and its considerate, thoughtful written style combine to make this one of the stand-out books on the market.

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