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Kate Petty
Frances Lincoln
Mar 2006
The 'Around the World' series of books feature a full page, brightly coloured photograph of children with different hair styles, each picture gives a brief explanation about where the child lives thereby demonstrating unity in people�s lives regardless of the geography of where they live. Speech bubbles on the pages provide an insight into the depicted children�s lives and show a range of thoughts and feelings that are instantly recognisable to all regardless of background.

A map at the back of the book features indented photographs of the children showing the areas in which they live. The book highlights the way childrens�s environments affect their upbringing with regard to climate, culture and familial position.

Kate Petty is shortlisted this year for the Aventis Junior Science award with "The Global Garden". Look out for �Bicycles�, �Playtime� and �Home� which are available as part of the same series as "Hair", published in association with Oxfam who aim to raise awareness of lifestyles and culture across the globe through their publishing arm.

As wioth previous Frances Lincoln books,"Hair" features well-targetted guidance on the cover to aid its integrated use within the classroom.

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