Edwardo the Horriblest Boy in the World

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John Burningham
Jonathan Cape Children's Books
Apr 2006
Twice Greenaway medal wiiner, author-illustrator John Burnigham makes a welcome return with �Edwardo the horriblest boy in the whole wide world�. Poor Edwardo, is an ordinary boy subject to much the same angers and annoyances as anyone else� However, this is an imaginative and affectionately told cautionary tale, twisted to be directed towards the teller � to adults. Children will delight in listening again and again as it warns against the dangers of hyperbolic exaggeration when children misbehave...!

When Edwardo kicks, he is called rough, �the roughtest boy in the whole wide world� and so it is he becomes roughter and rougher. When he makes a noise he is called very noisy, when he is nasty to other children he is called a nasty bully, cruel, messy, dirty� Poor Edwardo faces a catalogue of castigations. With Burnigham�s typical deftness of hand, things begin to change when he kicks some flowers and they land on a patch of earth and a passer-by believes he is starting a garden� Gradually attitudes towards Edwardo begin to change until he becomes the loveliest boy in the whole wide world!

This light-hearted but heartening picture book shows the importance not only of moderation in behaviour on the part of children, but moderation in the way that we as adults treat that behaviour, a warmly affectionate tale.

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