Angel Blood

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John Singleton
Puffin Books
May 2006
John Singleton�s �Angel Blood� is a book that, to be wholly appreciated, must be read slowly, carefully and be relished. It focuses on four children, X-Ray, Cough Cough, Lights Out and Chicken Angel. As might be discerned from these nick-names, these are no ordinary children and this is certainly no ordinary children�s novel�

Set in what appears to be a medical isolation unit, known to the children as the Bin, language is paramount in this world which is hyper-sensitive to the power relation between children and adults.

�Angel Blood� is a novel which evades easy categorisation, in many ways it is a fantasy, establishing its own vividly realised and, at times disquieting, interior world that is embellished and made bold by the language of the children who inhabit it�

Language and perception, they bind the four outcast children together founding the sense of community and kinship from which their friendships are forged. Gradually the interiority of the children�s world and the uncertainty regarding their future prompts them to make a bid for freedom. Toward this end, they are reluctantly aided by Nail and his girlfriend Natalie, whose story has been interspersed amongst those of the children. Disturbing and challenging in parts, �Angel Blood� is a novel that prompts consideration into our perception of the world and of beauty versus difference. The cultural bubble that the children grow up in defies as to the ways children are educated about the world that surround them and the types of accumulated prejudice and tardiness-of-thought that can be inherited. Readers are guaranteed a thought-provoking read and are likely to find their outlook altered... This is a novel that elicits response and whose ideas are deserving of discussion, making it an ideal choice for reading groups.

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