The Story of My Life

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Anne Cassidy
Scholastic Press
Apr 2006
Emile Durkheim (1858-1917) postulated that a �conscience collective� serves to compel individuals within a society to think, behave, act and react within accepted parameters. He hypothesised that as the division of labour increased, so too would individual intent and that the influence exerted by the �conscience collective� would diminish. These ideas run central and are contemporaneously explored within Anne Cassidy�s latest novel, �The Story of My Life�.

Kenny Harris stands on a precipice � he must trust to jump and either find the freedom of flight or else to fall... Having entered into an uneasy alliance with Mack, a man with a chequered past, a history of violence and with a death to his name, Kenny becomes embroiled in a plot to avenge the bullying he befell at the hands of Jon Tibbs.

Running parallel to the above and the moral dilemmas proposed therein and compounds he arising sense of isolation Kenny feels (and which inevitably Mack offers sanctuary from) is a storyline that sees him fall in love with and have reciprocated a relationship with his brother�s girlfriend Natalie.

This is a dark, edgy thriller. Following on from the award-winning "Looking For JJ", this is another tautly spun tale, that makes few easy judgements, thereby forcing readers to reach their own conclusions... The question over the types of decision that Kenny will make become as perilous and, at once, engaging as does the struggle for his freedom and for his life!

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