The Foretelling

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Alice Hoffman
Oct 2005
In a world where war dominates the media, and power and violence often go hand in hand, Alice Hoffman offers a timely reminder of the strength of mercy, humanity and compassion.

A fierce Amazonian tribe of women warriors battle for survival. Rain is destined to be their leader; she is the daughter of the queen, but she struggles against the cruelty and hatred demanded by her future role.

Bite size sections make the story easy to swallow, despite the serious and sometimes dark issues involved. The realities of war; brutality, murder, rape, are all there, but handled sensitively in terms of their emotional impact, rather than being disturbingly graphic.

Hoffman writes beautifully, her style blends the intimate feel of a diary with the authoritative tone of legend.

In traditional cultures rites of passage helped children to become adults. In a society lacking such rituals, it can be healing to enter, imaginatively, into a world where overt transitions do exist. Where things are simpler and deeper. Where dreams have significance, talismans have power, signs have meaning - the true magical essence of life is appreciated. Teenage readers will share a journey to womanhood which is spiritual as well as physical. With the strength of mind to follow her own heart, Rain provides an inspirational role model.

Carefully researched details about the uses of horses, bees, plants and minerals effectively evoke an ancient, nature-based culture. This earthy element should appeal to green teens. As will the fact that the publishers, Egmont, practise what they preach � the text paper on both the paperback and hardback editions of this book comes from sustainable forests and is fully approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. The company also adheres to a fair trade Code of Conduct. Commendations to Egmont for this responsible approach to children�s book publishing.

The Foretelling triumphs because it transports you to another world, whilst its emotional truths matter in this one.

Soul food for teenage girls.

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