The Cafe on Callisto

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Jackie French
Apr 2006
�No, it�s not the moon Callisto that orbits Jupiter in our solar system. Callisto is a sun too, a gazillion light years from Earth, and Callisto 4 is the fourth planet away from that sun. All the other planets circling Callisto are either too hot or too cold for humans, but Callisto 4 is like Earth used to be, just about perfect.�

Catnip are a new publishing venture incorporating the established Happy Cat Books list. One of many exciting publications featured within their list this year is the award-winning Jackie French�s �Callisto� series. Perhaps most familiar to readers in the UK as the author of the thought-provoking �Hitler�s Daughter� Jackie French is an author whose breadth and diversity of work frequently broaches territory that is both challenging and uncharted!

Billed as a comedy and whilst being genuinely humorous, �The Caf� on Callisto� is as much a poetic treaty on the role the natural environment plays towards the healthy development of children. Sam and her dad live in a future Earth, twenty-five levels beneath the ground. They live not only in the darkness beneath the ground, but also in the shadow of the tragedy that befell Sam�s mother, an event that lead to the impetus for transporting the family towards the stars to be lost.

All of this alters when a caf� becomes available on Callisto 4 and Sam and her chef father are able to claim residency in this brave, new inter-planetary world! Together the pair must make their living through selling food on a planet where food and its sharing is a cultural way of life� Will they succeed and be able to carve a living for themselves?

Exposition on nature versus artifice and the eventual need to escape Earth to attain towards the natural locates the novel firmly in the realm of simulation and simulacra which Baudrillard hypothesised as constitutes of the hyperreal. Here is a science fiction work that glances forward to see the importance of our pastoral pasts� Fans can look forward to its sequel �Space Pirates on Callisto�.

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