Brilliant Brits: Boudicca

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Richard Brassey
Orion Children's Books
Apr 2006
Richard Brassey�s �Brilliant Brits� series continues with its eighth title, this time focusing on formidable Queen of the Icini, Boudicca. As with other titles in the series the book begins by exploring popular facts � and sometimes fallacies � about its subject. Then begins its account proper, pieced together from accounts by Roman historians Tacitus and Dio and corroborated through findings of archaeological artefacts.

Brassey�s illustrations have been carefully researched and provide a wealth of background detail that populates and brings to life the time and world-views surrounding Boudicca. Where this book is excels is in its clear presentation of the facts which are equalled with a consideration of historical accuracy and bias that must underpin theory of the subject.

Facts are as easily digestible here as they are accessible, a welcome addition to the collection and one that will readily augment the study of the Romans, a key component on the National Curriculum history syllabus for key stage two pupils.

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