The World According to Humprhey

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Betty G Birney
Faber and Faber
Feb 2006
Life in room 26 at Longfellow School takes a turn for the better when class teacher Mrs Mac buys a class hamster called Humphrey. An amiable little fellow, Humphrey wiles away his hours in his cage and travels home with Mrs Mac for the weekend. This routine is altered abruptly, however, when Mrs Brisbane, the teacher for whom Mrs Mac has been covering returns. Mrs Brisbane is most unimpressed by Humphrey and, with reasonable cause, Humphrey begins to feel a plan is being hatched to oust him.

As arch-nemesis go, Mrs Brisbane is a relatively lax one, however, and it is not long until Humprhey is playing an active role again within the class, spending each weekend with a different class member with gradual realisations as to the links between their home-lives and their behaviour in class. Soon the notebook Humphrey fills in � he�s a precocious little fellow � becomes an imaginative guide to life with sensitively scribed notes on bullying, improving self-confidence, unruly behaviour and much, much more. All of this is interspersed with remarkably salient tips from Dr Harvey H Hammer�s book �Guide to the Caring and Feeding of Hamsters�.

With cheeks chock full of humour and adventure, rarely have rodentia made for such a reasurring read.

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